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A Little Bit About Deer Fence USA

At Deer Fence USA our goal is to make keeping deer out of your garden and off the property easy. Our Deer Fencing has been designed with you, the garden enthusiast in mind. Do-it-yourselfers will love our deer fencing kits. Each deer fence kit contains everything you need including deer fence, sometimes referred to as deer netting, deer fence support post, ground stakes and other accessories. When rodents are also a problem make sure you also get the chew protection barrier.   One more point, studies show that by fencing the deer out of the yard you will greatly reduce your chances of getting Lyme disease.

Installing fence posts can be grueling work.  If you have a large number of posts to install or you install fence posts for a living, you owe it to yourself to check out our selection of post pounders and post drivers.  These machines are the fast, easy, safe way to install fence posts.

Deer Fence USA is a family owned and operated business, with over a sixteen years of experience in the business. Everything we sell has been tried and tested by our team of experts, so we know it works. Call us or email with any questions or if you would like us to send a sample of our deer fence.

The Advantages of Fencing from Deer Fence USA

Deer Fencing protects your garden, yard or entire property from deer, rabbits and ground hogs without changing your view. It stops deer from destroying valuable landscape plants, fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. These deer fences, rodent fences and critter fences are easy to install and it will conform to any shape. Installing deer fencing does not require any special skills or tools. The best part is you'll be able to relax, enjoy your yard again and you won’t feel like your living in a cage. You won't even see your deer protection.

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We are pleased to offer the finest products available. Everything will ship right to your door including deer fence, gas powered post drivers, fence posts, gates and accessories and much more.

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