Gas Powered Post Driver

Post Pounders and Post Driver are the hand held gas powered post drivers that makes installing fence posts easy.  These machine will save you time and effort.  Eliminating the need for a pneumatic post driver with the compressor and those hoses, these lightweight powerhouses deliver the punch where you need it, when you need it.  It's easy, just lift the post pounder on top of the post and squeeze the throttle.  The hammer, powered by a 4 cycle HONDA engine, beats 1720 times a minute, pounding posts like a much larger and heavier machine.   Yet the small size of the post driver  means easy portability.  This extra movability enables you to easily bring the post pounder / post drivers to the job.  Back in the woods, on the farm or on a new construction site, these portable fence post installers work well on wood, fiberglass or metal posts including T posts, angle posts, round posts, U posts, grounding rods, rebar, and square posts.  Here are just some of the ways the gas powered post drivers will get the job done fast and make you money.

Gas Powered T Post Driver

Anyone who has ever pounded T posts before knows how much work it is and how all that pounding makes your arms feel.  No more; this gas powered portable T post driver,  installs T posts in just seconds, enabling vineyard and nursery owners to quickly and efficiently stake their crop.  The fast installation of T posts helps farmers and ranchers to fence their fields in fractions of the time it used to take.  The handle extension kit allows you to install even tall, 10 foot long T post, with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Eliminating the ladder makes the job faster and much safer.  You'll be amazed by the power of the post driver. You'll feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as this T post pounder's rapid pulsations move most rocks out of the way.  This gas powered T post pounding tool greatly reduces worker fatigue.

Deer Fence Post Driver

Pounding deer fencing sleeves into the ground used to be hard, time consuming work. At least until post pounder came along with this portable, gas powered post driver.  Simply, place the post driver over the nominally 2 inch round sleeve and watch this baby go.  The sleeve is driven into the ground in a matter of seconds.  The rapid beats of the powered driver will often move smaller rocks and stones out of the way allowing the sleeve to penetrate through the ground.  You can actually feel the stones vibrating clear as you go.  In some applications, fence contractors have eliminated the need for ground sleeves entirely.  The post pounder will drive a 1 5/8" round post directly into the ground without damaging the top end of the post.  Aided by extension handles, either 9 or 10 foot long posts are driven into the ground without the need for a ladder.  The cost savings of installing posts without sleeves can be enormous. A team of two men can now install hundreds of posts in a day, one man operates the gas powered post pounding driver while the other holds the post true.

Electrical Grounding Rod Pounder

Electrical contractors everywhere love how quickly and easily this gas powered grounding rod driver, drives home grounding rods.  Driving long grounding rods into the ground has always been a difficult chore.  This now changes with the post driver on the job.   A special insert slips into the barrel of the driver quickly converting it to a ground rod pounder.  This insert has been specially designed to "hold" the grounding rod in place while the gas powered ground rod driver quickly pounds the grounding rod into the ground.  We are talking seconds.  It's fast and it's safe.  No more falling off the ladder.  No more sledge hammer.  No more smashed knuckles.

Rebar Driver

City, County and State Park Commissions love how quickly this portable gas powered rebar driver pounds rebar into the ground.  Often parking lots are bordered with logs and railway ties to control automobile parking.  This timber is held in place by driving rebar through the log and into the soil.  With just a small pilot hole, the post pounder will drive rebar through the log and into the ground.  Similarly, hiking and biking trails and even river beds are bordered with logs for erosion control.  The lightweight, portable post driver is the ideal device for driving rebar through the timber and into the earth to hold the log in position.

Party Tent and Circus Tent Power Stake Driver

The post pounder is a game changer when it comes to installing large event tents, party tents or circus tents' stakes.  This machine easily drives those solid metal tent stakes into the most compact of soils.  Tents now go up in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Gas Powered Greenhouse Sleeves and Anchor Drivers

Often moveable green houses are held in place by driving anchors or sleeves into the ground.  No more sledge hammer work, this gas powered pounder drives the sleeves and anchors quickly into position.  No risk of injury, no worker fatigue.

Sign Post and U Post Driver

Municipalities and Departments of Transportation whether at state, county or township levels all love how quickly the post driver will drive sign posts into the ground.  These U shaped posts can even be driven through pavement or through very hard, compacted, rocky soil with the gas powered sign post driver.  A manual sign post driver is a lot of work.  It causes worker fatigue and possible physical injury, especially to the wrist and arms.  No more carrying heavy pieces of equipment.  The light weight, powerful, sign post pounding of the post driver greatly reduces the risk of injury and lost work time, while at the same time improves productivity.

Powered Silt Fence Post Driver

Silt fence is usually the first step for new construction.  Up till now installing, the hardwood posts that hold the silt fencing in place, has been an arduous process.  Either, the wood posts were pounded into position by hand with sledge hammers or driven into the ground with pneumatic hammers and hoses making the job either, difficult and time consuming or complicated and capital intense.  This lightweight, portable gas powered silt fence post pounder eliminates the compressor and the hoses and simultaneously increases the efficiencies and speed of the job.  Hardwood stakes are now driven into the place in just seconds.  Add our optional two foot extension handles and stand up straight while you work.  The extension handles work equally well in either direction.  Simply reverse the handles and no more bending over, no more back strain.  Which ever way you choose to describe it; powered wood post pounder or  wood post driver this powered silt post driver makes it easy.   Leave it to post driver to think of everything.

Tree Stake Driver / Tomato Stake Driver

This powered tree stake driver installs tree stakes and tomato stakes incredibly fast.  Choose the optional handle extension to reach the top of even the tallest tree stakes without the use of a ladder.  In just a matter of seconds, the stake is installed and the tree can be secured.  This new efficiency brought to the nursery will have a huge positive impact on the bottom line.

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