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Each gate comes with all the connectors, hardware, and mounting posts needed for installation.

Purchase a 6′ high access gate with a 6′ high fence.

With all 7.5′ high fence and all 7.5′ high deer fence kits, purchase a 7′ access gate. This gate comes with a “Top Brace” adds strength and stability to our 4’ and 5’ wide access gates.



These gates are of the highest quality tubular steel construction, and are strong and durable yet easy to install. Fence to cover gate frame is not included, but can easily be cut from any roll of fence. This gate comes with a “Top Brace” adds strength and stability to our 4’ and 5’ wide access gates. These easy to install gates usually don’t require any digging. Just drive the sleeve into the ground and insert your post. Don’t forget to purchase a driving cap.

A quick note about the gate sizes. The size listed on the access gates refers to the actual “door” portion of the gate. For example if the gate is labeled as a 4’w x 7’h the gate itself is 4 feet wide and 7 feet high, the actually opening between the two gate post will be slightly larger. In this case, the latch post (the side where the gate latches) and the hinge post (the post the gate is actually hung on) will end up being 50 or 51″ apart. The hinges do require some space. When installing an access gate, we highly recommend that you install the hinge post first. Take care and make sure this post is plum. The hinge post is supporting all the weight. it is a good idea to set it in concrete and let the concrete set before continuing. Hang the gate on the hinge post and let the swing of the gate dictate where the latch post will go. Trying to measure and install both post before hanging the gate will invariable lead to frustration. If you’re off by even a small amount the gate will not close properly.


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4' Wide x 7' High, 5' Wide x 7' High, 4' Wide x 6' High, 5' Wide x 6' High


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