Deer Free 100 plus

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Keeping Deer Out of Gardens is as easy as Deer Free 100 Plus. Keep your gardens in tact with this easy-to-install 100’ kit with the added benefit of our Chew Protection Barrier this kit has everything you need to keep deer and rabbits out!

This kit includes:

  • (1) 7.5’ x 100’ Freedom Deer Fence
  • (8) 9’ Freedom Fence Posts
  • (100) 8” Heavy Ties
  • (30) 12” Ground Stakes
  • (1) 2’ x 100’ x 1” Chew Protection Barrier
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Order a 100-Foot Plus deer fence kit and repel those critters

Deer are pretty, cute, and majestic. But they are also a menace to your garden and property because they eat your plants, trample your flowers, and ruin your peace of mind. Buying our 100-Foot Plus deer fencing kit is like bringing an allied army to your backyard – you get all the necessary equipment plus extra armor, just in case.

Deer Free 100 Plus is a must-have for avid gardeners seeking maximum defense against unwanted animals. With the kit, you get 100 feet of poly mesh to serve as primary protection against hoofed intruders. Its steel posts and ties are the soldiers of your anti-deer army. They keep your fence up and are easy to install and remove. Besides, the kit includes a secure chew protection barrier that stands up to the most ambitious animals. 

Deer Free 100 Plus is your way to enjoy your fencing system for:

  • Durability. The fence can withstand the harshest climates and weather conditions, ensuring your garden or farm is safe from browsing deer all year round.
  • Installation. With our 100-Foot Plus deer fence kit for sale, you don’t have to call in professionals or use tricks. It has everything to get started.
  • Practical option. When factoring in the reduced need for maintenance over time due to its durability, Deer Free 100 Plus is your go-to field-tested kit.

Grab your 100-Foot Plus deer fencing kit online to win your fight against the pesky critters!


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