Deer Free 100

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Keep deer out of the tomato garden with deer free 100. It’s great looking and very durable.

This kit contains:

  • (1) 7.5’ x 100’ Freedom Deer Fence
  • (8) 9’ Freedom Fence Posts
  • (100) 8” Heavy Ties
  • (30) 12” Ground Stakes
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Buy a 100-Foot deer fencing kit

Are you trying to protect your veggies and flowers from the hungry mouths of wild animals? If so, you know how frustrating it can be when most of your efforts are in vain. Order our 100-Foot deer fence kit and get ready to take control of your garden to keep the animals where they belong – the great outdoors.

With its sturdy construction and adequate protection against even determined stags, Deer Free 100 is your best bet for keeping your garden safe and sound. It is put together using a poly mesh to make it lightweight but strong to stand up against hungry deer. It also has connectors, posts, and ties that you can use to connect it to other fencing systems.

Deer Free 100 protects the environment and local wildlife, apart from defending your garden. It:

  • Keeps animals out. The fence doesn’t allow easy meals on your flowers and vegetables for deer and other animals like rabbits and raccoons.
  • Makes cost-effective protection. Our 100-Foot deer fence kit for sale won’t cost you the earth and is a breeze to install. Just unroll the fence and secure it to the posts included in the kit.
  • Saves your property from disease. Deer Free 100 helps prevent the spread of disease from wild animals to domesticated ones since they won’t be able to cross boundaries freely. 

Send those misguided stags a clear message, ‘You are not welcome here!’ as you shop for your 100-Foot deer fencing kit online!


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