Deer Free 330

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Now you can deer fence your garden on a budget. This deer fence kit has an extremely low cost per running foot. What a value! Comes with everything you need.

Included w/ this kit:

  • (1) 7.5’ x 330’ Freedom Deer Fence
  • (16) 9’ Freedom Fence Posts
  • (200) 8” Heavy Ties  (2×100 count)
  • (60) 12” Ground Stakes (2×30 count)
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Buy our 330-Feet deer fencing kit and keep your garden safe. Protect the roses, shrubs, and vegetables, or even fence your backyard with 330’ fencing that comes with installation essentials. When properly installed, the 330-Feet deer fence kit for sale will finish at a full 7’ height and is ideal for areas with light to medium deer pressure.

All our kits offer tremendous value, but this one is truly exceptional. We are offering the lowest price per running foot while still providing only the highest-quality materials. These materials have been proven to be highly effective with years of field testing.

You can order this 330-Feet deer fence kit for maximum area invulnerability. The fence is made of high-grade, UV-stabilized poly that is practically invisible when installed correctly but allows air, light, and rainwater to penetrate freely. 

With Deer Free 330, you get the best combination of quality and affordability thanks to:

  • Tough and durable design. Deer Free 330 can withstand the harshest elements and medium deer pressure, relieving you from worries about replacing your fencing every few months.
  • Quick installation. No unique expertise is required to set up this fence. Follow the simple instructions provided with your Deer Free 330 kit. You will have the necessary stakes, posts, and ties to get the job done painlessly.
  • Safe for animals and people. The fence is harmless. Even if animals touch it, they won’t receive shocks or get hurt in any way.

Purchase our 330-Feet deer fencing kit online and part with deer without draining your bank account!


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