Post Pounder 52

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Pounds T stakes in seconds and grounding rods in seconds. The fastest way to pound grounding rods into position. This rugged, hand held post driver, is easy to use.



Buy Post Pounder 52 mm – Extra-powerful fence post driver

Heavy hammers and cumbersome augers? No way! Post Pounder 52 nails it for vineyard trellises, tree stakes, and deer fences while requiring less effort on your part. Whether you are a farmer or a professional fencing contractor, the 2-inch Post Pounder 2” for sale saves your back and revolutionizes the way you put up fences.

This pneumatic driver lets you get the job done in record time. The powerful machine packs multiple blows per minute, driving posts up to 2 inches in diameter into the most challenging soil. This lets you breeze through fencing projects in way less time than it would take manually.

Post Pounder 52 is equipped with:

  • High-pressure system that generates maximum impact energy to force T posts
  • Padded handles that absorb vibration and make controlling the driver comfortable and easy
  • Lift handle for transportation
  • Optional adapters for Deer Fence USA fence posts

Our Post Pounder for 52 mm posts redefines fencing installation. It’s easy to operate and built using rugged materials. Despite its robustness, Post Pounder 52 is a handheld machine and can be carried by one person.

When pounding fence posts, you will want to wear: 

  • Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones
  • Safety glasses to guard your eyes from flying debris
  • Steel-toe boots in case you drop the driver on your foot

Stop pounding T posts the hard way. Place an order for our Post Pounder for 2-inch posts online, and let it put the power right in your hands.


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