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Meet the heavyweight champion of the REDI league. The Boss driver is the best for tackling unyielding U-posts and round-shaped posts. It is a heavy-duty gas-powered tool built for tough jobs that require the toughness of German steel and the length of the 3 1/8″ barrel.

Getting this driver from Deer Fence USA is like purchasing it from a specialty REDI Driver Boss 3 1/8″ shop. The tool is made of genuine parts and comes with a REDI warranty.

Are you planning a commercial fencing or agricultural project? Whatever the task, the Boss will empower you to step up to the plate. Its immense strength and post-driving power make it the best bet for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Powered by the renowned 4-stroke GX35 engine, the Boss roars into action with an impressive 1820 BPM and lets you install that U-shaped post in the blink of an eye. 

But there’s more to expect from ordering REDI Driver Boss 3 1/8″. The tool redefines precision at every angle with its inclinable technology. Whether your fence is straight or goes along the perimeter of your property, you can easily deal with turns and tricky positions. Plus, the tool can be paired with an adapter to work on smaller posts.

Despite its formidable performance, REDI Driver Boss is surprisingly manageable at 35 pounds. You don’t have to load it into the truck to reach another spot for installing poles or posts. 

To sweeten the deal, we can ship it for free throughout the USA. Choose REDI Driver Boss online and get it without any shipping costs!


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