REDI Driver Classic

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Use this driver for grounding rods, T posts and rebar. Free Shipping!




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Drive with precision and conquer with ease! REDI Driver Classic 2″ is a post-pounding beast and the most efficient gas-powered fence installation helper. This tool excels at driving T-posts, round posts, and rods while turning the most rugged terrains into an extra option for your fencing system.

We carry the genuine Classic. Order REDI Driver Classic 2″ at Deer Fence USA without losing sleep over fake parts or inefficient engines.

REDI Driver Classic is a gas-powered pounding powerhouse. It effortlessly hammers 2″ T-posts into the ground, so you are not even tired. Its GX35 engine is a nod to top-notch performance and durability, meaning you can trust the Classic to get the job done.

Shopping for REDI Driver Classic 2″ is shopping for a tool that won’t restrict your position. Based on inclinable technology, this driver delivers an impressive 1720 BPM. It’s the agility you need and the versatility you wish you had earlier to adapt to different angles when building your fence.

Sweating over posts all day doesn’t have to be a wearisome task. The Classic has cushioned handles to ward off the trembling action. In other words, you can get REDI Driver Classic online, take it to the field for all-day hammering, and spend your evening without that headache and shaky hands.

Despite its remarkable power, the Classic is only 32 pounds in weight. It’s the perfect balance of strength and maneuverability, which can be a boon when there’s a fence to be erected.


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