REDI Driver Handle Extension Kits

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Extension handles help keep both feet firmly on the ground.

Available in 2′ or 4′ extensions.




If you have ever used a post driver, you know how backbreaking it can be after a few hours of use. That’s why you want to get your hands on our REDI driver handle extension kit for sale! It allows you to quickly extend the handles on your REDI unit, making it easier to work with larger posts and harder-to-reach areas.

By ordering this REDI driver handle extension kit, you get an exclusive handle that fits on any REDI driver model and comes with everything you need to give you over 2 or 4 feet of additional reach. No more ladders when driving taller posts… This kit will give you over 2′ or 4′ of added handle length! The kit can also be reversed to eliminate the need for bending over when driving stakes all the way into the ground! Longer lengths can be custom-made as well.

When you buy our REDI driver handle extension kit, you can consistently reckon on:

  • Less fatigue. Holding a post driver for too long can lead to fatigue in your hands, arms, and back. With this kit, you experience less exhaustion when working on your fencing system. 
  • Practicality. The kit makes your REDI driver much easier to use, giving you better control and allowing you to reach farther into tight spaces. 
  • Improved versatility. The kit enhances the versatility of your REDI driver. Using it, you can drive posts into harder soils with greater force and accuracy.

Want to give it a try? Select an extension length for your REDI driver handle extension kit online or request a custom length.

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2', 4'


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