Ultimate Deer Fence 300 Plus

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How to keep deer out of the garden was a real problem until now. This deer fence kit comes with everything you need to protect 300 running feet of perimeter and it works like a charm.

This kit contains:

  • (1) 7.5’ x 300′ Ultra Freedom Deer Fence
  • (22) 9′ Freedom Fence Posts
  • (2) 8” Heavy Ties- 100 count
  • (2) 12” Ground Stakes- 30 count
  • (2) Chew Protection Barrier 2′ x 150′
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It’s time to order our Ultimate 300-Feet Plus deer fencing kit to hold the line. Like all our fence kits, this one is very difficult to see, so it won’t spoil your view. It’s incredibly durable and effective and is available at an insane price. Act now, as the Ultimate 300-Feet Plus deer fencing kit online sale won’t be around long!

The kit will stop deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and foxes. Use it in areas with light to medium deer pressure. Our Ultimate 300-Feet Plus deer fence kit for sale is great for a spacious ranch with additional buildings.

If you aren’t excited about shooing wild intruders away with a broom or chasing them off with a hose, upgrade your game plan and block them out with our Ultimate fencing system. You can buy the Ultimate 300-Feet Plus deer fence kit for:

  • Better protection. With 300 running feet, you can customize your fencing depending on your ground plan. The kit comes with stakes, connectors, posts, and other components needed to build a reliable barrier against animals.
  • More secure fencing. The sturdy yet almost invisible construction is rust-resistant and can handle anything nature throws at it as light or medium pressure.
  • Lower price per foot. With the Ultimate 300-Feet Plus deer fence kit for sale, you don’t have to hit the jackpot to get top-notch protection against animals. 

Once you add this fence to your property enclosure, you will see how easier it is to walk around without sneaky stags, foxes, or rabbits.


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