Ultra Deer Free 150 Plus

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Keeping Deer Out of Gardens just got way easier. This deer fence kit stops deer and other critters from getting in. This is the ultimate Deer Out!

This kit contains:

  • (1) 7.5’ x 150’ Ultra Freedom Deer Fence
  • (9) Heavy Duty Posts w/Sleeve for 7.5’ high fence
  • (1) Driver Cap
  • (300) 8” Heavy Ties (3×100 count)
  • (30) 12” Ground Stakes
  • (1) 2’ x 150’ x 1” Chew Protection Barrier
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If you have high deer pressure and destructive rodents such as rabbits and ground hogs, this kit is the kit for you.

Ultra Freedom Deer Fence is strong, durable and hard to see.

This Kit will protect your yard and garden from destructive hunger of deer, additionally the Chew Protection Barrier will keep the rabbits and other chewing critters out. When properly installed, this kit will finish at a full 7’ height. Like all our kits, this kit is priced at an insanely low level.


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