Ultra Deer Free 200

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Are you getting ready for the deer season? If so, buy our Ultra Deer Fencing kit (200 Feet) that comes with everything you need to keep stags and rabbits out of the garden.

Included in this kit:

  • 7.5’ x 200’ Ultra Freedom Deer Fence
  • (14) Heavy Duty Posts w/Sleeve for 7.5’ high fence
  • (1) Driver Cap
  • (200) 8” Heavy Ties (2×100 count)
  • (60) 12” Ground Stakes (2×30 count)
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If you are seeing deer on a regular basis and have been frustrated by deer damage, it’s time to take your garden back and get the 200-Feet Ultra Deer Fencing kit online. Like all our kits, this system will keep stags out without spoiling your view. The kit will finish at a full 7’ height and is ideal for areas with medium to heavy deer pressure, or when blocking off a known deer path.

The poly mesh of the 200-Feet Ultra Deer Fence kit for sale and its overall height combine to create an unclimbable barrier even for the most nimble-footed animals – they merely can’t jump over it.

The kit is made to resist the ravages of time and weather. Installation is trouble-free. After you order the Ultra Deer Fence kit (200 Feet) and get it delivered, you can quickly have it up in one afternoon:

  • Measure the area you plan to fence off and mark it using stakes, flags, or string. 
  • Dig post holes for the fence. If your soil is sandy, make sure to go a bit deeper.
  • Assemble your posts and secure them by filling each hole with concrete.
  • Tightly attach the fencing material to each post for optimal security.

Get the 200-ft Ultra Deer Fence kit and bolster up a barrier between you and any uninvited stags before the season starts!


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