Ultra Freedom Deer Fence

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Our Ultra Freedom Deer Fence contains more material than the Freedom Fence making it 65% stronger yet it is still just as hard to see. In fact, this deer proof fencing blends right into the background and you’ll never feel like your property is in a cage.

The Ultra Freedom line is best when installed at 7′, but can be installed as low as 4.5′ if so desired for your specific application.

It is recommended that you choose our Ultra Freedom Fence in areas of high deer pressure, areas larger than ¼ of an acre, or when blocking off a known deer path. This is a round stranded, 110 g/m2 deer fence.



Valuable landscapes, gardens and crops require deer proof fencing. Our Ultra Freedom Deer Fence is the safe, effective deer proofing solution.

Constructed of an extruded polypropylene, the nominally 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” square oriented mesh is black in color and UV stabilized. The unique extrusion process produces a fence with just the right combination of strength and stiffness and yet it’s still supple enough to bounce back from repeated blows.

This fence cuts well with a pair of snips or heavy scissors. It is super strong and will last a very long time. We’ve received many reports from customers of this fence lasting 15 years and longer.

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7.5ft x 330ft, 7.5ft x 165ft, 7.5ft x 100ft, 5ft x 100ft


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