Vehicle Gate

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Each gate comes with all the connectors, hardware, and mounting posts needed for installation.

Use this gate with all 7.5′ high deer fence and all 7.5′ high deer fence kits.



Shop for a deer vehicle gate to watch wildlife in the meadow, not on your terrace

If you have installed a perimeter fence around your yard and left the driveway open, animals will keep scavenging throughout your property. With this vehicle gate for deer fencing, you can secure it reliably and enjoy watching bucks from afar, not chewing flowers in your flower bed.

This vehicle entrance system allows your car or truck to come and go freely and boasts multiple features:

  • It is engineered by the professional deer vehicle gate supplier using specially processed, durable, lightweight steel that withstands the chilliest climates.
  • It’s painted black so that when closed, bucks can’t see it due to their poor eyesight and come across an impenetrable wall for trespassing.
  • It ideally complements a 7.5’ high fence. 
  • You can buy the deer vehicle gate with all the hardware necessary for installation.

Please note that the gate frame is sold without a fencing system.

When installation is practically easy

Setting up our vehicle gate for deer fencing is simple and doable for every property owner:

  1. Measure the area where you’d like to place your vehicle gate.
  2. Identify the spots for your posts and get the holes ready.
  3. With your posts firmly in place, put up your new gate using the nuts and bolts provided.
  4. Add hinges or locks to ensure secure closing.

If you’re looking for an extra-convenient way to protect your property from animal damage, this vehicle entry system is your best bet. And it can be shipped for free!

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8' Wide x 7' High, 14' Wide x 7' High


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