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  • Nylon Tension Cable

    Nylon tension cable or monofilament strengthens your deer fence, brings more resiliency, and makes your entire fence look sleeker and nicer. Install this cable at 7’ high and provide an additional point of attachment between posts. Additionally, the nylon tension cable for sale will give your deer fence more “bounce” to help protect it against falling trees and limbs. Use this cable to provide more resiliency for impact from large deer and other animals. Attach the cable to the fence with hog rings or zip ties. Remember to brace your corner and end posts.

  • 14″ Heavy Ties

    Our specially constructed ties are made form UV stabilized nylon. This extremely important attribute is needed for optimal performance in the garden. The added length of the 14″ tie makes it the perfect choice for securing deer fence to larger diameter fence posts.

  • 8″ Heavy Ties

    These heavy duty ties form Deer Fence USA have a 1001 uses around your house or farm. This is the quick, easy, inexpensive way to attach deer fence and chew barrier. Our specially constructed ties are made from black, UV stabilized nylon. Heavy duty ties are recommended for attaching the Freedom Deer Fence to posts. They are also perfect for installing Nylon Tension Cable and Chew Protection Barrier.

  • D Hog Rings (2500 Count)

    This 2500 count box of 9/16″ D hog rings will ensure you have plenty of rings for the job. This 2500 count box of D shaped hog rings provides superior hold and speeds up the entire installation process. Use hog rings to attach deer fence to nylon tension cable or to attach chew protection barrier to deer fence.

  • Gripple Cable Tensioner (Medium)

    Gripples will hold nylon tension cable in place and will not let go. These small steel devices are used to secure the nylon tension cable to the deer fence posts or trees. Simple slip the nylon cable through the larger of the two holes, wrap the cable around the fence post and return the cable through the other set of holes in the gripple. The mini ceramic gear will not “back up” unless the release pin is pushed. This is the safest, fastest and easiest way to secure nylon tension cable.

  • Hog Ringer Tool

    Install your deer fence and chew protection barrier fast with our hog ringer. Makes the job look neater as well. The Hog Ringer is a time-saving tool used to easily attach the tension cable or Chew Protection Barrier to the fence. The Hog Ringer is self-feeding (much like a staple gun) and it bends a “D”-shaped piece of metal into a circle securing the fence to the cable.

  • Tie Puller Cutter

    This is the quickest, easiest way to attached a zip tie. It enables you to secure a tie much tighten than you would be able to do by hand. This tool will fasten and tighten a tie and cut the excess tail off lickrty-split and best of all you don’t get blistered or cut fingers. When you are installing a lot of ties this tool is a must. We highly recommend this tool.


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Add more security to your deer fence with tension cables

Loose posts may do a lot of harm to your gardening area or property. If the assembled protection is not secure enough, deer may jump over it and wipe out crops that you have grown with meticulous care. To ensure it functions like a fortress, opt for a tension cable for your fence. Deer Fence USA has plenty of durable, heavy-duty cables and ties for flawless performance and superior reinforcement.

Buy tension cables online – All add-ons and supplies you need in one place

Our fence reinforcement products are made of heavy-duty nylon. It’s the optimal material to deliver outstanding resiliency, last long, and withstand severe weather conditions. Once you order fence tension cables and ties, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about deer getting through or your fencing system looking unlovely.

Deer Fence USA ties are available in different diameter options for smaller and larger fence posts. Whether you need 8-inch or 14-inch nylon ties, it’s easy to pick them and see whether they can be used within your fencing system.

All our reinforcement cables are black. Thus, they maintain the desired visibility, making them harder to distinguish.

To attach our tension cables to your fence posts, you may need additional tools. That’s where you won’t feel the lack of choices, either. We have tools like hog ringers, tie pullers, and cutters to simplify installation.

The fence tension cable store that keeps your property sleek and safe

We have been on guard of farms and gardens for a long time. All our products are designed to keep deer and elk herds away from your property with easy-to-install fence systems and reinforcement additions.

As a fence tension cable supplier, we have gained a positive reputation voiced by our loyal customers. That’s because we care about what products we sell and how we deliver them. Before packing ties or cables for you, we carefully check them for defects to ensure every single piece or the entire roll serves its mission without creating headaches for property owners.

If you are uncertain about what tension cables fit your fence better, our team is always within your reach. Do you have no clue about how to put them together? We can help with that, too!

Additional information you must know

Once you place an order with the Deer Fence USA tension cable shop, we will keep you posted about its status. You will get emails with shipping updates to always know when your reinforcement cables, ties, or tools arrive.

If you’re getting your property ready for deer invasion and can’t afford to wait, we have you covered with:

  • Lightning-fast delivery. We can send your cables and ties within 3 days.
  • No shipping fees. If you spend $99 or more, we will ship them for free.
  • Hassle-free returns. You can return unused cables, ties, or other products within 30 days.

Choose fence tension cables for sale at Deer Fence USA to augment your fencing system!