High Deer Fence

A High Deer Fence Will Keep Deer Out

Development in general, suburban sprawl in particular have had some major unattended consequences all over the country.  Deer, rabbits, wood chucks and many more critters all have found suburbia a perfect habitat.  There's plenty to eat, no wolves, no hunters, no predators of any kind except perhaps the family automobile.  Population explosion!  Beautiful to look at but oh, so destructive, the deer are damaging your garden, rubbing on your trees, eating your flowers, destroying your vegetables and spreading Lyme Disease.  Yes the reasons are many.  You're sick and tired of deer troubles.  Perhaps it's time you considered a high deer fence.

At Deer Fence USA, we are committed to providing the safest and best deer and wildlife exclusion products on the market. Our very strong, virtually invisible high deer fence is the perfect solution for all of your deer fencing needs. Our depth of knowledge in this field enables us to provide unmatched customer insight, superior creative thinking and unsurpassed customer service. Founded on the principle that keeping deer out is the only way to protect your valuable agriculture and horticultural investment, Deer Fence USA is committed to quality products and service in all of our high deer fence, dog fence and other deer and wildlife products.

When it comes to property and landscape protection from deer and other wildlife, Deer Fence USA know that our high deer fence is the only permanent solution. Our high deer fence systems are comprised of UV-treated black polypropylene that is stretched into a grid-like pattern of squares (1.75” x 1.75”). This innovative construction creates a deer barrier that is extremely strong and durable yet is surprisingly, light and easy to install. The black color and light profile also allows our high deer fence to blend right into your property and landscape design, thus making it pleasing to the eye as well. A high deer fence from Deer Fence USA will form a highly effective deer barrier in almost any environment or climate and it is the proven means of keeping deer out of your property.  Our high deer fence will also greatly reduce your risk of getting lyme disease  by keeping deer (one of the main tick carriers) away from your yard and family.

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